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This is brief explanation about energy, but it has good enough knowledge to learn

What is Energy?

Energy is ABILITY to do work.

Energy can be found in a number of form. they are:

1. Mechanical (kinetic and potential)
2. Electrical
3. Heat
4. Light 
5. Thermal 
6. Chemical 

The law of conservation of energy (hukum kekekalan energi):
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another.

Example of energy conversion
1. Laptop = chemical (battery) > electric > heat + light + sound 

1. Examine energy conversion in handphone!
2. Examine energy conversion in car!
3. Examine energy conversion in our body!

How to avoid excess energy:
- Exercise regularly, because we need energy to exercise, so we can avoid excess energy.
- Control sugar consumption, because in the digestion of food will be convert into sugar.
- Consume healthy food (“real food”) and fibrous food, because it can maintain our nutrition and energy.

Application of energy in everyday life
- Work done by a machine uses mechanical energy. 
- Digestion of food uses chemical energy
- Moving windmill uses kinetic energy
- Battery in electronic device uses potential energy


Work is done:
(i) A force acts on the body.
(ii) There is a displacement 

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