Physical and Chemical Change

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Everything changes. Whether it's a living being or an object. Within these differences there are types of changes based on their nature. namely physical changes and chemical changes.

What is Physical Change?

A change that occur when the object changes in physical properties.

Change in Physical Properties
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Appearance or state
  • Mostly reversible
  • No new substance formed
Some examples of a physical change are folding of a paper sheet, melting of wax, freezing and boiling water, magnetizing a compass needle, dissolving sugar in water, etc

What is Chemical Changes?

A change that occur when the particles that make up two or more substances are rearrange to form new substance.

Change in Chemical Properties
  • Formation of new substance
  • Change in color
  • Release of smell
  • Release of light
  • Take in or give out heat
  • Mostly irreversible
  • New substance formed
Some examples of a chemical change are burning of paper, rusting of iron, the souring of milk, growth in a living being, cooking, digestion of food.

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